Sunday, April 12, 2015

Staying Fit & Healthy in Winter

I know it's hard to keep fit and healthy during winter, when most of the time you just want to hibernate in front of Netflix with a bowl of hot chips! 

I've been there. 

Usually in the morning I would love to get my day started with a  bowl of granola with apple crisp but all I want these days is a big bowl of fried rice, or something hot and filling. 
Alternative :
Now, in place of something full of carbs and saturated fats, replaced it with warm oats with fruit and but toppings. Alternating between flavours each morning so you don't get bored of its flavour.

Salads and healthy food that I used to love in summer don't taste as good anymore. I've been having cravings of pasta, pizza and BUTTER!  Don't punish yourself and scull it down without enjoying it, because the chances of you eating something unhealthy right afterwards is very likely. You were probably better off having that fried chicken instead of that pumpkin salad AND fried chicken. Just remember every time you do treat yourself, stick right back into your meal plan so you don't make it a habit. 

My workout focuses mainly of the butt and thighs with occasional ab crunches on a yoga ball. I never go to the gym unless I wanted to do extra strength training on the machines. But most of the time I loved doing at home workouts because no one is watching and you could be butt naked if you wanted to and no one would question.  

Having trouble getting off your couch to workout?  Take off your warm layers and get yourself cold and chilly. That way you would want to quickly raise your body temperature by moving around. Exercise releases endorphins which are HAPPY hormones, so when you're feeling bored and stressed with life, do a mini 15 minute workout to reset your mood. It's like brain yoga. 

Blogilates videos are my favourite. Don't know what I'm talking about?! Get out of your hole and start exercising to these great at home videos. My favourite workout video is this one, it burns! Burns so good!


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